THE police has launched an investigation to determine if there is a conflict among bettors in a cockfighting events in Mandaue City.

The move comes after the murder of Eleazar Garciano, a “masyador” (cockfight bet caller), at 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 4, in Barangay Alang-Alang. He was from San Jose Dela Montaña St., Barangay Mabolo, Cebu City.

SPO1 Marino Lofranco, investigator of Centro Police Station, said Garciano, 54, was reportedly a close friend of fellow “masyador” Carlos “Bading” Reyes, who was shot dead inside a cockpit arena last Nov. 27. The police will see if the two murders are related.

Lofranco said he eyed personal grudge as one of the possible motives behind the murder of Garciano, who reportedly earned the ire of some gamblers for refusing to give in his bets after losing matches on several occasions.

Before he was killed, Garciano came from D and C Coliseum in Barangay Ibabao-Estancia. When the victim exited the cockpit arena, two men riding on a motorcycle followed him.

The back rider shot Garciano several times after the latter arrived in Alang-Alang. Lofranco said they will coordinate with the Cebu City Police Office to check the profile of Garciano. (from FMD of SuperBalita Cebu/KAL)