EVEN as he tried hard to conceal it, Public Order and Safety Division (POSD) head Greg Deligero turned emotional in a meeting with peddlers Monday.

Deligero’s voice, at one point, trembled and he later cried knowing that the peddlers whom his men drive out along passageways have families to feed.

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However, Deligero said that if the full force of the law was implemented, not one of them would be allowed to sell. But out of humanitarian considerations, some were allowed to sell at certain hours of the day and in select areas only.

He said vending materials are even returned to them if only to give second chances. Yet peddlers have abused this.

He told the peddlers that they never ran out of alibis, they provoke his men and they do not report the truth when they are accosted.

Deligero implored for the vendors to understand his men have jobs to perform. He said had it not been for the strict observance of maximum tolerance, violence between them and the POSD could have occurred in the past.

He said his men work for 12 hours without additional compensation; hence, they should likewise be respected as law enforcers.

In the meantime, Deligero informed peddlers that no one will be allowed to sell in overpasses at any time of the day.

He said this to give the public ease of access. (Rimaliza Opiña)