THIS Sunday will be a double celebration for the Chinese and for those who are in love, regardless of kind. The town will be painted red as the Chinese will celebrate the Chinese New Year and lovers and even families will celebrate Valentine’s Day in different ways.

Aside from China’s red-colored flag, Chinese are fond of the color red as it symbolizes prosperity, strength and luck, that is according to a Chinese friend. Take note of Chinese- trademarked materials made in red color and gold.

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“Kung Hei Fat Choi!” will be the word for the day as everyone, even those of not having a Chinese decent will be well-wishing each other marking the incoming of a Chinese Year. Of course, celebrations will not be complete without the lowly glutinous cake called “tikoy”. The sticky cake is often unfairly likened to people who are so thrifty or those having a hard time shelling out some bucks. I know some who are more than the “tikoy”.

The dragon, the Chinese symbol for strength and power is always paraded on streets, which according to the Chinese, shoo bad luck and evil spirits. The dragon dance is one of the oldest traditional activities of the Chinese. The lion dance is another.

Chinese New Year is the longest and most important festivity in the Lunar Calendar. The origin of Chinese New Year as a century-old tradition had its significance because of several myths and traditions. Ancient Chinese New Year is a reflection on how the people behaved and what they believed in the most.

This Sunday, we also celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s a day not only for lovers but for everybody who know how to love as well. Incidentally, two occasions coincided with the other, one for the Chinese and one for the lovers.

The St. Valentine we are referring to every 14th of February is named after an early Christian martyr named Valentine.

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is a special day for lovers who express their love for each other by giving flowers (usually red roses) and chocolates. Cupid is usually associated with Valentine’s Day. It is said that his arrows, when released from his bow, would hit the heart of a person who would then fall in love for another.

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to express our affection to the ones we love. While others celebrate the occasion in simplicity, others really spend it frivolously. The day is great way to have a date with a love one, or with the members of the family. Love after all, is not for lovers alone.


Yesterday February 9, was the official start of the campaign period for aspirants running for national positions including Party List groups. As expected, campaign materials flooded our streets, inundated trees and electric posts.

Environmentalists appeal to our aspiring leaders not to hurt so much our trees by nailing campaign ads into their barks. Posting campaign materials has been indiscriminate and that people do not seem to care. I wonder if Senator Loren Legarda, a contender in the vice-presidential race and an advocate of trees and green, would also let his supporters nail her campaign ads on trees.


Pampanga 3rd District Board Member Johnny “JQ” Quiambao is said to be back on track with his legislative duty. I’ve heard he is advocating a piece of legislation that will truly provide for the welfare of farmers and fishermen. Our province has a lot of farm workers and fishers who either sell the lands they till due to their non-productive state. The land they sold then is converted into subdivisions. It’s high time that farmers and fishermen be given privileges and subsidies for they are our food producers. Nice one for the province’s agriculture sector BM! Goodluck on this endeavor.

BM JQ, a resident of an agricultural community in Brgy. Sapang Maisac in Mexico town, is the Chair of the Provincial Board’s Committee on Agriculture.