LOURDES College recently gave awards to its outstanding alumni who contributed a lot to society in the fields of education, arts, entrepreneurship, public service, career service and religious life.

The awards were given during the Jubilarian Night Variety show dubbed “Hali Namo’ 10” held on February 7 at Lourdes College auditorium, which is a part of the school’s 82nd Foundation Day.

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Awarded as Most Outstanding Alumni are Milagros Puyo Floirendo as recipient for Outstanding Alumni in the Field of Public Service; Ma. Cheryl Calo Santos as Batch Silver Jubilarian in the Field of Education; Ingrid Chaves-Agudo as Batch Pearl Jubilarian in Entrepreneurship; Lourdes dela Llano Pimentel as Batch Emerald Jubilarian for the Arts; and Sr. Mary Angelique OCD from Batch Pearl and Sr. Fermina Manresa Pilosas OSB for the Religious Life Awards.

Among the judges in the search include Doctors Edorni Betita, Lourdes College Guidance coordinator and Bernarda Lleno from the Commission on Higher Education; Mrs. Thelma Men-doza, Principal of Rosevale School; Mr. Wilhelmino Mendoza, vice president for Mindanao of Banco de Oro; and Doctor Adora Velez, dean of Lourdes College’s Arts and Sciences department.

Every member of each batch is considered a candidate for the awards. The respective presidents of the Jubilarians with his or her batch members picked out six outstanding classmates in any six categories for arts, education, entrepreneurship, public service, career service and religious life.

The judges said they had a hard time choosing the winners since all the nominees are successful in their fields. All nominees were later given certificates of recognition.

During the Jubilarian Night, the Lourdesians had reminisced their friendships, bonding and shared youthful memories.

All the Diamond, Emerald, Gold, Saphire, Ruby, Pearl, Coral and Silver Jubilarians showcased their talents during the event.

Highlighting the night was the variety show from different batches. The Diamond Batch 1950 (60 years) gracefully sang a very beautiful old song along with their class adviser, while the Emerald batch 1955 (55 years) had a short dance number.

The Golden girls 1960 (50years) entertained the guests with a dance number, while Sapphire 1965 (45 years) danced the night away with a Madonna song as the Ruby batch (40 years) gave their best shot, which featured veteran actress Chanda Romero who flew in from Manila to join the celebration.

The Jubilarian Night Batch Ruby has the only set of boys including Rep. Rufus Rodriguez of the second district of Cagayan de Oro. Pearl, coral and silver jubilarians also gave their number, which entertained the guests and their respective families.

A teacher said jubilee means to celebrate in community, festivity, forgiveness, a time to recharge, a time to draw energy from each other and friendship, serving each other sincerely, making peace with God and thank God for being a functional Lourdesian.

Chanda Romero said the Jubilarian Night was indeed a night for reunion, meeting old classmates and friends, and having fun.

Toward the end of the activity, some alumni donated money that would benefit the school’s charity and scholarships programs. (Nicole J. Managbanag)