THIRSTY Cup champions Queen City United and Guiseppe have signed up for the Cebu International School (CIS) Friendship Cup 2010 on Feb. 20 and 21 at the CIS grounds.

Queen City, which beat the University of San Carlos in last weekend’s Thirsty Cup, is just one of 20 teams in the men’s open.

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On the other hand, Guiseppe will be joining host CIS in the Girls 17 and will be competing with six other teams.

According to organizer and CIS coach Eleazer Toledo, the hosts will field teams from the players 8 division until the boys and girls 17 divisions.

Toledo is expecting some 140 teams to join this year’s division and 93 teams have already signed up.

He is also extending the deadline to this Friday to allow more teams to list up, though CIS will no longer accept teams in the 38-above, men’s open and girls 17 division.

The 38-above division already has 12 entries, while the girls 17 has 8.