Boomerang: Internetiquette

(Clockwise from top left) Lloyd Lyle Ravida, Janice Araneta, Gilbert Apura Jr., and Charles Tarona
(Clockwise from top left) Lloyd Lyle Ravida, Janice Araneta, Gilbert Apura Jr., and Charles Tarona

SELF-EXPRESSION and social interaction got on a whole new level when the internet became accessible to many users. From the simple MIRC chatrooms in the ‘90s to today’s Facebook and Instagram, getting in touch with different people became more convenient with various online platforms. However, user experience in these online nooks is not all pleasing with instances of user abuse, personal attacks and misinformation. Get to know how some of these young social media users observe proper online decorum.

One thing I’m particular about is my habit of trying not to react impulsively to presumed “factual” statements or even opinionated ones. I try to look for substantial evidence to back it up, may it be news from a legitimate source or stories from both sides of an argument, before trying to give my wholehearted opinion about the statement. --Lloyd Lyle Ravida, 23, 4th year medical student (CIM)

If I have misunderstandings with someone, I never vent my anger in any social media platform. I find it inappropriate because words said in anger are usually not pleasing. For me, it is proper to keep those matters private and resolve the issue only with the person/people involved, rather than addressing it in public and risking our reputation. I believe that everything I post or share on social media reflects on my personality.--Janice Araneta, 19, architecture student (CIT-U)

I just always ignore nonsense rants on social media. I only care to read a post if it is something important, relevant, educational and if it fits my interest. I am careful about anything I post.--Gilbert Apura Jr., 19, psychology student (USC)

I am against the sharing of fake news. As a responsible social media user, I always see to it that I verify links and posts before sharing in order not to cause the dissemination of misleading information.--Charles Tarona, 20, architecture student (USPF)

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