Christmas is made for parties

At Park Inn's White Elephant game, we won tumblers
At Park Inn's White Elephant game, we won tumblers

MOST the days on the calendar have been marked with parties. Of the ten scheduled on the first half of the month, I missed a few. I may not know what the second of December may bring, but what I’m very sure of is it brings an inch or two on the waistline. December is the truly the month to gain gifts and weight.

Christmas parties are always fun. Aside from the company of friends and peers sharing the forget-the-diet banquet and exchanging gifts, the games, performances, and the raffle draw add to the excitement.

At the Park Inn hotel’s Festive Christmas media party, the team serenaded us with Yuletide carols, gave us a sneak peak (and taste, of course) of the bountiful holiday spread, and hosted a game of White Elephant, a gift-grabbing game.

The five teams were after the heavy box so that went around. It ended with the original team anyway. What was inside? Coffee mugs. As for my team, we got the tumblers, which was what I needed. Lucky me.

I got another tumbler at the SunStar K-Pop party—and P100 at the search for cash game. Imagine the look of the function room after. And that was the first game.

Of the night’s team challenges, I liked the Parol Design contest best. The lanterns have to be created with recycled materials. The entries were creative, but what made the game a winner was how the concept and design was explained. It was hilarious!

Megaworld Corp.’s Italian-look OOTD party won me the top prize only because the rest of my peers came from field or office work and I came from home. I had the luxury of preparing.

The trivia game and raffle draw was exciting. At the end of the night, everyone went home a winner.

Catching up with friends is a good reason to give in to our cravings. Catch up, exchange gifts and food trip. Beth and I had ours at Misto in Seda, and with my “lunchies,” Kay, Maite and Bang, sated our craving for cream roll at Bistro Rosario.

Marco Polo’s media gathering was special. It was saying hello to Christmas with food and peek into the coming hotel festivities, and saying farewell to one of the best GM’s, if not THE best it ever had (in my opinion). She has gone beyond her role as hotel head and connected with the community in professional and personal levels. She is well-loved in and out of her workplace, which she ran like a well-attended home.

The Al-ag group of Companies partied like it was the 70s, keeping the era alive in their fashion, music and dances. Whoever the winners were in the inter-company contest, I’m sure they were deserving.

All the fun and food... It’s not over yet.

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