Old school Christmas

(Illustration / John Gilbert Manantan)
(Illustration / John Gilbert Manantan)

NOT everything “old school” is that—old school. Archaic. Worthless. There are things that radiate timeless charm even if done in the most modern of times.

Many of us do a lot of things during Christmas to make it more fun, exciting, and perhaps, a little bit different from the past few years. So how about doing a little throwback this Christmas and reviving the fun stuff that people used to do during the Yuletide season before the internet and social media awed us with its wonders? You see, Christmas has always been a season brimming with happy memories, and people did not have to post and publicize each and every little thing that they did.

Greet via landline. Instead of just sending text messages or private messages on Facebook, try greeting your family and friends by calling them on your landline phone. During the time when a mobile phone was a luxury, we would call our grandparents and friends as midnight approached just to greet them “Merry Christmas.” Nothing is more heartwarming than wondering who could be on the other line and then hearing the voice of our loved ones.

Make greeting cards. Surprise your parents and close friends with a creatively done greeting card. Pouring your artistic side on a handmade card with loving messages will definitely put a more glowing smile on the faces of your Mom and Dad. If you’re too busy to get artsy, you might want to buy a greeting card from the department store, and maybe write a personal note and snail mail it to friends, especially those living abroad.

Sing carols. You can organize this among your friends and visit relatives to sing them some of the most-loved and classic Christmas songs. You don’t have to ask for money in return, but you can probably bring some food and beverages then bond with everyone after belting out what you had lined up in your song list. Of course, you’ll have to inform your hosts ahead of your visit.

Go offline. Stay away from your mobile phones or electronic gardgets even for just a few hours, most especially when you are already sharing Noche Buena with the family, or relatives and guests have arrived to celebrate. Christmas is one of the best times to get almost everyone in the family together and just catch up. It would be a sure bummer when everyone is glued to their mobile phones eager to share their latest Instagram updates instead of engaging relatives in a real conversation.

Whatever way you’d like to celebrate Christmas, just make sure that you go beyond the glittery facet and the material gifts. It’s important to experience its real essence, which is celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ by giving value to our families and sharing our blessings, especially with those who need them.


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