IN THE United States, as defined by law scholars, the legislature is included in the theoretical framework called “the pillars of the justice system.”

Rightly so. The ideal legislature competently and independently studies and adopts policies and laws that affect the very future of a nation, especially its justice system.

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In the Philippines, as defined and practiced by the Philippine Judiciary, the five pillars of the justice system are limited only to “law enforcement, prosecution, judiciary, penology, and community”. The legislature is excluded.

Rightly so. The Philippine legislature is a disgrace to the republic. In fact, it is the very cause of its national decay and suicide.

Its media and headline-hugging legislators are better known for paid absenteeism, entrenched corruption, genetic laziness, endemic incompetence, immoral junkets, and contemptible entertainment circuses on the plenary floor.

Look at the elitist, selfish, greedy, incompetent, lazy, corrupt and PR image-conscious thieves, pirates and goons disguised as congresspersons and senators who constitute the Philippine Congress.

Look at the measly number and poor quality of the laws of national significance that they have adopted these past congresses.

Look at the billions of tax money that Congress, in conspiracy with the Executive, have conveniently and secretly allocated for their abhorrent pork barrels, wasteful junket foreign trips, immorally huge salaries and allowances, and other disgustingly fat perks.

Listen to the vulgar language, ignorant debates and entertainment circuses that regularly take place in the so-called august and honorable halls of Congress.

Look at the wealthy lobby groups and vested interests that these corrupt legislators protect and serve.

And you have a recipe for a national-scale rebellion and civil war by hungry, discontented, and hopeless Filipinos.

We cannot intelligently entrust the fate and future of our Constitution, our Republic, and the 90 million suffering Filipinos to these criminals, sycophants, thieves, pirates, and freeloaders.

May God have mercy on the Republic of the Philippines.

Atty. Manuel J. Laserna Jr.

Las Pinas City, Philippines