KNOWN as the homegrown hotel with the distinguished brand “Unique Cebuano Royalty Experience,” Golden Prince Hotel and Suites recently celebrated 12 years of preserving and promoting Cebuano heritage, starting with renovating and expanding its Kabilin (Heritage) Lounge to transform it into a turn-of-the-century Ilustrado home.

Heritage interior designer Sheila Solon has provided a sala (living room) where the Mariposa chair is flanked by a long wooden table, which also houses the “Painit sa Kabilin” snack buffet of genuine Cebuano delicacies.

Indulge in favorites like binignit, puto maya with mangga, palabok, banana turon and the must-sip sikwate!

A small hallway beside the buffet leads to the comedor (dining hall) where one can savor local cuisine, and to the left, is the verandah (outdoor porch). Speak of heritage ambience!

From here, guests ascended to the Alicia Hall where a formal dinner and entertainment followed. True to tradition, all performers were locals: The University of Cebu Chorale, Wonggoys and award-winning singer Cerj Michael.

The anniversary bash ended with hotel president Benny Que, honoring its 12 valued clients with the Golden Mileage award.

Wishing you many more clients and years, Benny!