Themed parties to ring in the New Year

Themed parties to ring in the New Year

ANOTHER set of parties is coming up hours from now as people say “hello” to a brand-new year. Families will gather over food, drinks and good company as they wait for the clock to strike 12, signaling the arrival of the year 2019.

In case you haven’t fully ironed out yet the details of what you’re going to do tomorrow night, let Zup help you out. Try organizing a welcome party for 2019 that is more than just another night of eating, and while you’re at it, come up with a theme to make it more unique and special. Here are some party theme ideas that are easy to pull off but a surefire hit in making your shindig something to remember.

Outrageous hats party. This should be an easy one, especially if you have old caps or head gear gathering dust in your cabinets. Get creative and convert these head gear into great-looking props, and show up at the party like a reindeer, Viking or a flower vase. Oh well, with the recent victory of Filipina Catriona Gray in the Miss Universe pageant, perhaps a Mikimoto tiara will be a perfect party hat.

Round fruits party. Since Filipinos are very superstitious when it comes to welcoming the New Year, why not incorporate round fruits as accessories to complete your getup? Believed to be symbols of good fortune, round fruits are usually staples on the dining table on New Year’s day. Of course, you would have to choose the fruits that are not too bulky. Grapes, kiat-kiat (small oranges), lemon, lanzones or mangosteen could make for great accessories such as earrings, headbands or necklaces.

Color of the year party. Described by Pantone as an “animated, life-affirming shade of orange, with golden undertones,” Living Coral is 2019’s color of the year. You might want to positively usher in the year wearing something with a shade of the upcoming year’s hue.

Architectural landmarks party. This is similar to the mad hat party, but this time, guests are required to recreate famous buildings and structures as head pieces. Just think about a miniature image of the Eiffel Tower, the Giza pyramid, the Angkor Wat or perhaps, our very own Cebu Capitol Building on the head of party goers.

Make-up party. Similar to a Halloween party, this will require everyone to come in your most awesome made-up faces. You can be the villainous Joker, a carnival clown, a minion or a beautiful geisha. Imagine how fun it would be to have selfies with other party goers with a very colorful and animated look.

You see, one does not need to splurge on an expensive attire or costume to celebrate New Year just days after the numerous Christmas parties that we’ve had to attend. Creativity and innovation is the key. With everyone’s cooperation, a cool theme for a New Year’s Eve party makes for great Facebook or Instagram snapshots. More importantly, it adds a more jovial atmosphere to another important time for family bonding.


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