BROWNOUT hits Cebu City Hall: dads hold session in dark.

That's a bright spot in public service.

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Remove “illegal” posters: Tomas Osmeña.

For city employees who won’t follow the order, they are the ones who will be removed.


Monsignor asks politicians: Give up mudslinging for Lent.

They will heed the call-–and instead throw rocks at each other.


Contractor to check dra-inage problem in Carreta.

He doesn’t have to dig deep; all he needs to do is swim in the flood.


Voter education still need-ed, Comelec says.

That’s one thing that can’t be ignored.


Father keeps child in well for 16 hours.

Unwell done.


A total of 155 drivers face raps for corrupting enforcers.

There ought to be more drives against graft.


Presidentiables gang up on Manny Villar in debate.

Villar’s advertisements have gotten into the consciousness of voters and into the nerves of opponents.


Manny Villar opens campaign with a bang.

If given a permit, he would have had a 21-gun salute.


Sulu agrees to “gun-less’ election season.

Without firearms, free election is secure.