CEBU City Mayor Tomas Osmeña cried foul over the planned transfer of SPO1 Adonis Dumpit’s trial to Manila, saying there seemed to be a double standard of justice at work.

Osmeña urged the regional state prosecutor to explain why Dumpit’s trial has to be transferred to the capital while those with graver offenses are tried in Cebu.

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He said he pities the policeman, who once served as his close-in security detail, because a trial in Manila would put a “heavy financial burden on him (Dumpit).”

Aside from lawyer’s fees, Dumpit will be burdened with his counsel’s airfare and hotel accommodations.

“What did he do to deserve this? I hope they will reconsider. Why is he being treated like this? It’s cruel. It’s like you’re being punished already. Why is this happening?

And then the son of Fernandez is over here. Why don’t they transfer that to Manila? Nganong si Dumpit gi-single out?” he asked.

In his news conference yesterday, he pointed out that Joavan Fernandez, the son of Talisay City Mayor Socrates Fernandez, and parricide suspect Ruben Ecleo Jr. face several cases in court but remain in Cebu.

“Ang anak ni Soc Fernandez, mao nay klaro kaayo para kanako nga iyang giabuso. Iyang gigamit ang position sa iyang papa to get away. He brags he’s the son of the mayor. That’s the one that I think should be transferred to Manila... I cannot understand so I hope the regional state prosecutor will at least explain to the public why it has to be done like that, why there seems to be a double standard of justice,” Osmeña continued.

While Fernandez can afford to bring his lawyers to Manila, Dumpit is just an ordinary policeman, he said.

At City Hall, at least 300 policeman continued to show their support for their beleaguered colleague by contributing to the fund raising for Dumpit, which raised some P21,000 as of yesterday noon.

PO1 Dennis Tabigue said his P20 bill was part of his budget yesterday, but decided to spare it for Dumpit. He and five other fellow cops dropped off their donation at the mayor’s office.

Even if the contributions already reached P21,000, the mayor said it will not be enough for his lawyer’s fees and airfare to Manila.

Osmeña also said the way Dumpit is being treated is demoralizing not only to the city’s policemen but also to those who turn to him for help.

He warned that the peace and order in the city could deteriorate if the police have low morale.

“Is this the way the wheels of justice turn? Okay, you have nothing to do with Dumpit, kamong tanan. But you live in this city. Next time there is a robbery, we’ll just call our tanods nalang? I’m not very optimistic about the future peace and order of the city. I think we will see a deterioration,” he said.