Here are inspiring moods by our fashion guru’s to get you by for 2019! Cheers!

Harvic Dominguez. Year 2019 fashion will be a reinvention of influences from the 80's and early 90's. From updated tie dyed prints and faded subtle hues to dark primary colors for the later part of the year.

Meticulously made garments from mirror image designs to fabric manipulation will be highlighted in construction. Locally, the use of Philippine weaves and other materials from the different tribes of the Philippines will be more evident. The significance of #pinoypride designs from casual wear to custom formal attires is noticeable.

Jairus Sumineg. Year 2019 Fashion Trend Round Up. Trends are all about being one step ahead, so it's never too early to think about what will be in style next and which styles have already hit the streets and the stores.

Here is some insight into what trends are expected to take off in the upcoming months of 2019.

1. Fanny Pack / Cross-body bag. While this accessory item has been a staple for the past year, the bag is here to stay. Only this time, the bag will come in different textures, shapes and sizes contrary to your mainstream supreme.

2. Bold prints. It’s a no brainer that women’s wear will still thrive on printed pieces, but what’s promising is seeing an army of men in daring prints that takes a nod on the “dad fashion”.

3. Long coats / trenchies. With oversized proportions, extra pockets, and statement finishes, this maybe Baguio’s new outerwear of choice. Layer a coat on your go-to outfit, and then tie everything down with a fanny pack on the waist to finish the look.

4. Suits / Strong boxy shoulders. In an era of gender fluidity, a suit has become the real muse. This timeless classic will traverse from the corporate scene and easily make its way under the street wear category.

The interesting part is that the suits will be seen in a casual integration with unique combined clothing. A more relaxed look for both men and women. In addition to relaxed fitted suits, the boxy silhouettes of the early-nineties will definitely make a comeback.

5. Utility. Utility jackets, cargo pants, and camouflage evidently seen on the runways for the past few seasons are practical fashion pieces following the syntax “function over fashion.”

6. Puff puff. Puffers and padded jackets are the comfort wear quilted in new volumes and proportions bound to become Baguio’s modern armor.

7. Tie-Dye. Surprised? So am I, but this 60’s trend is indeed back on track. Of course 2019 has its own spin on this print that we have yet to see unravel.

8. Ugly Sneakers. No outfit is complete without a pair of shoes. Each season we’re introduced to a myriad of new shapes and styles, in which these trainers are merely just a renewal and resurgence of the past. Obviously the dad trainers won’t be fading away just yet. 2019 will be about new silhouettes.

Words to live by this 2019, “Not all trends are for everyone, therefore, the hottest trend of the year is to wear what is comfortable and what works for you. Just do you!”

King George Bueno. What is new today in fashion? Fashion has been a cycle. Those that were trendy before will have a spotlight this 2019!

Take me back to the 1980’s fashion, animal prints are back! In combination with neon and loud colors. Gowns and other garments that exaggerate ruffles will rule the 2019 red carpets.