February 11, 2010

Mr. Abelardo Malig Jr.


Sun.Star Pampanga

Dear Jun,


I have read your column as well as the comments of Mr. Frank Mangulabnan regarding your impressions on my competence to lead represent ALE. It is not with little admiration that I take your opinion, and that of Frank's, too, as basically reasonable and honest.

I do not wish to refute your good logic and bright contentions but please allow me the small privilege of reiterating my humble position. While I am no longer the former maidservant and casual worker of times past, I have it in my heart the feelings of compassion and concern for the people I want to advocate in ALE.

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My present status will not prevent me from supporting or initiating Congressional action and measures for this party list sector. I believe it does not take an actual discriminated laborer/employee to articulate his/her aspirations for improved conditions in life. I had been there. I know how it was to struggle in a harsh world, how it felt to be discriminated and disregarded.

If I Lack the loud eloquence and work status that may be expected of the position, I shall use my feeble voice to oppose legislative measures against the poor, workers and employees. Foremost, I will use that one vote - mine - to add to protect and promote their welfare.

Although you may rebuke me as a "capitalist," my heart still beats for the less fortunate, if that's all that I can bring to Congress. Once there, I hope you and Frank will help me serve this sector through your wise counsel.

Kindest regard & God bless!


Catalina C. Bagasina