JAMBOREE is a large gathering of scouts from different places who camp together to demonstrate how to live in peace and global friendship. It is also the time to celebrate the oneness of the spirit of scouting and bespeak the aspiration to establish the movement as a strong force of brotherhood towards the achievement of lasting peace.

For a scoutmaster, the jamboree offers an opportunity to mold out the scouts into better and stronger individuals. This is where they realize their weaknesses and fears and learn to overcome them. It tests the determination, endurance and cleverness of scouts in performing some extreme activities. It also tests the character, which can never be developed by avoiding some difficulties. A scoutmaster hopes that the Scouts will realize that no matter what happen, the survival is both a science and art of keeping alive and always on the go.

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Some activities test the resourcefulness of the scouts from indigenous materials that also developed teamwork among the group. It shows the importance of one’s confidence and patience when facing danger. Another activity enables scouts to undertake cause-oriented services. In doing this, they are able to identify their roles in the society, which makes a scout or a youth a responsible citizen. More so, the activities, which they engaged in, did not only test their physical strength but also their attitude on how to cope up with the different challenges they encountered. As such, these provided opportunity for them to test their endurance and perseverance.

But here lies the real essence of the jamboree. The difficulties faced by the scouts would be woven into rich tapestry of unforgettable memories each scout will relive for the rest of his life.

Miguel R. Rivera Jr.

Principal II

Mauaque Resettlement High School

Mabalacat, Pampanga