DISCOVER a different kind of surgery where the difference is in what you don't see… a different kind of energy… a different kind of technology…the HARMONIC.

The Harmonic is a highly advanced instrument used in a growing number of surgeries and can be added to the armamentarium of laparoscopic surgical instruments to increase a surgeon's efficiency and speed up a patient's recovery.

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The Harmonic is used for open and endoscopic surgical procedures. It is used to cut, coaptate tissues and stop bleeding all at the same time. It uses an ultrasound that is able to coagulate blood to create less bleeding than the standard scalpel. Blood vessels are sealed at a lower temperature unlike those used in electro surgery and lasers. It also reduces the amount of damage to tissues, and causes less smoke so as not to obscure the surgeon's vision.

In the pursuit of providing the best array of services possible for its clients in the Cordillera region and surrounding areas, the Saint Louis University- Hospital of the Sacred Heart's surgery department acquired this “cutting-edge” technology in November last year. Satisfied surgeons and clients can testify to this tool's superiority. This new sound of technology definitely will redefine surgery here in the highlands.

There are a number of benefits in using the Harmonic than the conventional steel scalpel or other alternatives. For example, this tool reduces the amount of extended thermal tissue damage, which means that there is less charring and desiccation of the blood vessels. Due to its coagulating ability, the need for a ligature is virtually eliminated.

The ergonomic design of the Harmonic requires fewer instrument exchanges during a procedure thereby allowing faster surgery and shorter exposure to anesthesia.

It is made in such a way that the hands are more relaxed and tension-free. The Harmonic allows for greater precision to avoid damaging vital structures of the body. More importantly, there is no electricity running to or through the patient.

The Harmonic can be used in multiple configurations, making it a great tool for a number of procedures. It has applications in dental, ophthalmic, and other types of surgery. It can be used in thyroidectomy lung biopsy, laparoscopic surgeries, gynecologic cancer, tonsillectomy, hemorrhoidectomy, and cholecystectomy.

There are many other situations where the use of the Harmonic proves superior to other instruments.

Many patients experience a decreased recovery time. Going back to work has never been shorter after a surgical procedure.

World-renowned plastic surgeon Luis Vinas who has done hundreds of facelifts and tummy tucks said, "with traditional scalpel technology, the muscles in the body are constantly contracting erratically during surgery due to the pressures they are subjected to. The tissue also gets hotter. This causes more trauma, swelling, bleeding, bruising, sometimes the need for multiple dissections, a longer surgery time, and a protracted recovery period. With the incredibly clean cutting power of the Harmonic, all these have changed dramatically. Less trauma and less healing time."

Indeed, the sound of surgery has never been so HARMONIC. (Dr. Sherry Ong-Cunanan/ Light That Transforms)