TO MAKE sure that the crowd will be entertained during the grand parade on Sunday, Jan. 20, Cebu City Councilor Dave Tumulak said judges for the street dancing will be spread out throughout the parade route to make sure contingents will perform continuously.

“This upcoming Sinulog 2019, our priority is the spectators, so wherever the contingents are even in their starting point, they will automatically perform,” he said.

Tumulak, who is also the chairman of the executive committee of the Sinulog Foundation Inc. (SFI), said that for the past years, the contingents would just dance near the judges’ station.

Tumulak said that aside from the judges’ station, other judges will be joining the crowd.

By doing it, Tumulak said spectators will also spread out to the entire parade route and not just stay near the judges’ station to witness the performances of the contingents.

Mobile judges will not be wearing Sinulog shirts and identification cards to avoid being noticed by the contingents.

SFI will also adjust the sequence of the parade.

“After one contingent, one puppeteer and one float will follow so all the dancing contingents will be spread out,” Tumulak said.

Tumulak and the rest of the members of the SFI board are scheduled to meet to discuss the measure they will implement during the grand parade as rain is expected to affect Cebu on Sunday, Jan. 20.