CHINESE author and scholar Xu Xue Chun thinks that by reading his book, “Century Sentence,” the Filipino leaders may have the answers to the political and religious conflicts happening in the Philippines.

Launched recently in Cebu City, the book, Xu believes, can offer “some very correct and effective opinions” to the Philippine government officials.

“The Philippines currently has problems of religious conflict and Islamic terrorism... the widespread dissemination of “Century Sentence” can make various religious forces unify their thinking and resolve contradiction,” Xu said in a press statement.

Xu suggests in his book that countries all over the world should learn the Chinese model in running the government to achieve scientific and effective management.

He said that every government should have enough money so it could achieve scientific and effective management.

Xu is convinced that the land should also be shared by all people, and should not be controlled by an elite group.

The author further said that the government should also promote the development of the country and help those who need to achieve wealth and security.

Xu supports the government’s war on drugs.

“Drug trafficking is a behavior of betraying God. It is a demon behavior and needs to be severely punished,” he said.

Readers who wish to buy his book may order online from the e-commerce giant Amazon.