By Stella A. Estremera
Goin' places

FACEBOOK is becoming one of my sources of information on new places in town. Like this place, which I learned about when Facebook friend Debbie posted her food shots on her account. Name is Shmango of Anton Chiew. And yes, I forgot to ask how the resto came to be named such.

It's newly opened, she said, in the building at the corner of Circumferential Road and Ruby Street of Marfori Heights (right beside Rx Rite Pharmacy on the Circumferential Road side). And that was where Imee, Charmaine and I went out for dinner the other week, just one of those spur of the moment invitations just before work ends for the day.

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It's a very small place, so small you'd hardly notice it if a vehicle was parked on its front steps. Inside is just around six small tables, and a very simple menu: a choice of beef vegetable soup, roast beef, grilled chicken, and grilled pork chops.

Imee got roast beef, so I got the grilled chicken. Both of us got a bowl of beef vegetable soup.

Charmaine, who arrived later, also got the grilled chicken and so we agreed to share an order of the grilled pork chops.

Imee loved her roast beef. Medium rare, we were pleasantly surprised that it was indeed medium rare and tender at that. I enjoyed my grilled chicken although it would have been better with a little more sauce and spice. Charmaine mentioned about the sauce as well. Bitin.

The vegetable soup is very good, although it was immediately erased from the blackboard menu after we have ordered ours. All eaten up for the day, sorry to those who came after us because we have slurped 'em all.

I enjoyed the vegetable sidings as well because these were cooked just right; not soggy, not raw. Just right. And yes, the butter used is salted. (The health buffs and oh-so-boring preachers of bland food may curse me to eternal perdition, but I don't care. I still say unsalted butter is one of man's worst creation).

Servings are generous, big enough to stuff you, but not too big to conk you out for the night and lose out on all those fun conversations that should follow dinner.

The waiter too was extra friendly and so willing to entertain. And I rarely use the word "extra" so don't be surprised.

In this city where food places are springing up all over town, the biggest challenge indeed for all those who join the throng is to know and do their food right. There's hope for this place. Good luck, Anton!

I forgot to say... cheap too. Definitely, you go home satisfied because the meal didn't rip you off in terms of pesos, of taste, and of serving size.