THE house on Rosal Street, Barangay Poblacion Uno in Bansalan, Davao del Sur continues to attract people with its unusual shape. With large eyes and even larger tusks, this elephant house stand out among its neighbors.

Faustino Oracion designed the house. He is also the one who made the controversial statue of David at Queensland Lodge's Baywalk Park at Times Beach in Matina.

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The house is still a work in progress, but it has already been drawing curious onlookers -- residents and visitors alike.

Jaime Rosal, a resident, says the house can be considered a tourist spot since it cannot help but attract anyone who visits Bansalan, for its different shape.

While Marivic Puentespina brushes this off as just a bit of unusual artwork, stunning in its size.

But for homeowner Paul Oracion, it is an expression of himself.

As a child, Oracion has been attracted to elephants although he has not seen one in real life. The house therefore answers his dream of seeing one.

A local architect, Robbie John Razonable, doubts the stability of the structure but agrees that no doubt, the house is the owner's answer to his childhood dream.


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