A LOT of Filipino-Americans, unlike before, are no longer excited watching at the proceedings of the national elections in the Philippines. The reasons are, according to them, the same old song, nothing changes after the activity; it introduces new suspicious political characters; it is the presentation of the thieves in the government and still nobody is prosecuted and still more and a lot of lies are presented and offered by the candidates.

It used to be a great presentation whenever an election is held in the country. Filipinos in the US continent are entertained so well and every score is a big issue to watch.

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They are all thrilled by the movement of the campaigns and excited about the candidates who are running. It is used to be a big issue among Filipino-Americans as everyone thinks the result of the elections will necessarily change the structure of Philippine leadership and eventually improve the bad shape of the country.

It seems many Filipinos here are no longer excited because after the elections, the new thieves in the government come in and work jointly with the old leaders who are no longer needed. New gimmicks and styles to rob the government are emerging and still the old system of government that impoverish the Filipinos is there and doing its old work.

The much publicized start of the campaign for the national elections used to be big news here but it seems it no longer touch the nerves of the Filipinos who feel angrier than excited. Who cares, said one of the angry Filipino. Whoever comes out in the election cannot make miracles. The most that can happen is go back to the old system when everything is disorder and terrifying.

Filipino-Americans do not believe anymore the much abused country will ever survive from the hands of its leaders They think only legislatures like making the capital punishment to punish the corrupt public officials. The think corruption in the Philippines can be stopped only if the guilty parties are put to death. This crime is worst than robbery, rape and kidnapping. It involves leaders whom we are supposed to trust. They are intelligent people who hold the country’s wealth. It should be treated with maximum punishment to end once and for all the dreaded corruptions.

Corruptions have been openly exercised in the country for more than four decades. It is high time that things should be put in proper perspective and this crime should be put to an end. This crime has darkened the image of our society and has embarrassed thousands upon thousands of Filipinos in foreign lands. It put millions of Filipinos in extreme poverty, abuse and humiliation.

Filipino-Americans have expressed so many times the embarrassments they get whenever big issues of corruptions come out in the international media. They could hardly look straight to the eyes the Americans who are aware of the activities in the Philippines. The same feeling of embarrassments is taking place among Filipinos in the Middle East, Asian countries and everywhere. (ben_emata@yahoo.com)