RULE number one: guys always look for the best dinner date. This is the only rule guys have to bare with in dating come Valentine’s Day. There are absolutely no other rules.

It’s easy to say going for a more practical way by saying the woman you’re dating with words like, “saging-saging lang ta’ lab, basta labing.” If so, you’re a typical guy who does not exert any effort pleasing her or ending a memorable date. But if you’re making the best out of it, then it must be exquisite.

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So how?

You need dinner plans. All you need is to fit in the woman’s shoes. Here’s a woman’s point of view. Joan Pauline Santillan just graduated in Culinary Arts and Pastry Program at Center for Asian Culinary Arts Studies (Cacs) in Manila two weeks ago. She needs to finish her externship here in the city before finally acclaimed as full-pledged chef.

While she’s in the process of externship, she has some tips guiding men where to take their dates. She said a restaurant is a good place to set up a dinner date. “It needs something spacious that both of them enjoy the air in the night,” she suggests.

The ambiance should be dim-lighted or could be a candle light dinner. And most of all, there must be a languid of music like violins.

“In choosing the dishes, always remember women are conscious of their diet. Men don’t notice this,” she says. “Ladies have demure effect.”

She prefers Italian food like pasta or beef in their main dish. If pasta, she suggests going for Fettucini pasta with decorated tomatoes resembling the color of the season. If beef, she suggests Manzo Brasato Al Vino Rosso.

“Whatever be the choice, there must be tomatoes,” she suggests.

For appetizers, she suggests the Caezar’s salad. For desserts, Mousse cake and wine is good.

“Wine is a very good combination with cakes,” she says. She prefers the expensive Botrytis Semillon 2000, while eating the Mousse cake. The wine’s good for chocolates.

If having a trouble in your pockets, she suggests having their dates in their own garden. It’s more practical, cheaper and more romantic. It shows your efforts. Women count efforts, according to her.

Guys must prepare a table for two, covered with pure white table cloth. A long-stemmed rose and candles enough to dim the place should be at the center of the table. In cases like this, she says appetizers may no longer be necessary as long as you have the main dish.

“And above all, never forget desserts and wines.” She suggests playing the audio player like albums of Josh Groban, Michael Buble or any romantic songs to spice the night.

And now, you’re on your own. Goodluck.