AROUND 500 participants attended the Baguio Dream Day at the Baguio Convention Center Saturday.

Children and the youth dominated the event entitled “Baguio Dream Day: Beyond 2009. Touching the future”, a culmination of the series of visioning workshops conducted through the Charette by the Baguio Centennial Commission Beyond 2009 Committee.

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The Baguio dream day highlighted the presentation of the vision manifesto, which is a consolidation of the development intentions for the city.

The dream day aims to initiate a creative interaction between children and adults, to inspire and initiate strong citizen participation in the decision making process for Baguio city.

The vision manifesto includes a preamble, a vision statement, mission, and core values and guiding principles.

The core values include respect for human dignity, total human development, open dialogue, strong sense of community belonging and purpose, respect for nature and environment and God-centered.

Few of its seven missions include creating a sustainable and enabling environment that will promote economic stability and ensure the citizenry’s general well-being and preserving Baguio’s cultural and environmental heritage.

“The realization of the visions will come from the people,” Beyond 2009 committee chairman Henry Tenedero said.