THE children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of Paciencia Jo “Mama Pacing” Verallo celebrated their matriarch’s birthday with all of them present at this important milestone of her life.

All members of the family were present and accounted for: California-based Pepa Esparrago, with Allan, Eileen and Carmel and Mark in tow.

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Also from California: Ellie Delavin with her Leslie and Serafin, Kristina, Nikki and Noel with child Nico, Jay, Lorelei and Quang with their children Kaeli, Luke and Calvin; Lee and Marisol, with daughter-in-law Raquel and grandson Ivan.

Also around to celebrate with Mama Pacing were California-based Mario and Stella, Jason and Kathlynn children of the late Rene and Viol; Doc Vic and Doc Susan with their children Suzanne, Sophia, Sara, Sheena, Selina, Joseph, Sabrina and Samantha; and Boie and Dinah and children Lloyd, Denessa and Kyle.

The day started with a Holy Mass concelebrated by Bishop John Du, Fr. Trinidad Silva and Fr. John Orat. This was followed by a program with music and dance numbers from the great grandchildren, the grandchildren and the children of Mama Pacing, who enjoyed the display of talent of her brood, with doting sisters Nene Tanchan and Corazon Go. The evening turned out to be a happy celebration of life, of filial love, and of family solidarity and harmony, all under the loving care of Mama Pacing. May she have many more years and many more joyful celebrations to come!