Bautista: D’ talks

All in Good Time

THERE are many ways to find out what is wrong with our body. Ways to get the bad out of it. Health experts abound, all with their very own version to rid us of the bad. Health definitely is wealth they all say.

But Juan is not one to just get one to consult and listen to, worse is to pay someone for advice on what to do. Surely, Juan must have a family member, a relative, a classmate, a friend, of a friend. Juan will surely find a way. The sister of a classmate from high school who has boyfriend that works for a doctor in the school of a brother who knows the mother and is related to the husband of a cousin of your sister in law who shared the advice to the wife of your workmate whom you met once in the clinic while waiting for a doctor.

That is just so us. We will listen to anybody but an expert. I may be wrong but suddenly we are all experts when it comes to health. Don't do this, don't eat this, drink only this, avoid this, and so on.

Surely, the advice must have come from a real expert, but there must have been a chance it has been watered down by the next and a new version of it will be made and passed on to another.

I am also hard headed when things go wrong. I try to think of what may have triggered a pain within my body and make my own analysis and diagnostic before self-medicating.

One very fine example is my drinking of apple cider vinegar with some salt. My kids would believe me so that they will always ask dad to prepare one for them. You see I seldom do get sick, but when I do it's different. So they know that, so when things are array, they come running to daddy. I will never mind. They do thank me every time for it. They must assume that is the reason why I seldom get sick.

Not until I had lost my voice. A check up to the university physician and “wallah,” he had frowned on my belief of taking apple cider vinegar. He asked that I stop doing so and so to with my kids. My bad.

A very good advice from friends is to drink lots of water. But some will contest at the times when Juan could drink and shouldn't drink. Before or after meals, upon waking up or before sleep. I think the idea is to just drink.

Except at one time I was told to drink “miracle water,” which I did. I was also told to drink Korean cleansing tea, which I did too. Well I experienced so much pain from both that I will assume it took away all the toxins in my body. I will assume, my wife thinks so, so I hope that's it.

Food intake is always a debate among friends and colleagues, particularly for gout. What to eat and what not to. What self-help is available and when to take pain relievers. Funny but every Juan will have their own version of doing so. In the end we all feel some pain.

I will continue to eat veggies for fiber and cleansing. Unfortunately some Juan will tell me to avoid such as it can trigger another from it. Once, coffee was bad, then it was good. Pizza is bad, now good - good or bad, I just love it. Eggs is bad, now ok, just one a day.

My brother has gone without meat for some time, I will try to avoid red meat or beef as much as possible, but he smokes and I don’t. I run, walk and hike every time. I just love vegetables. With Muslim staff around I will avoid pork if possible. Just fish or chicken. It works for me.

The doctor classmate of my dad wondered why we would avoid beans. He says it is probably the only thing that will be left on this earth that people will eat or can afford to eat. He would relate why all our lolos and lolas would live to a hundred and just eat beans.

In all of this it is the detox and cleansing of the body that makes us healthy. Whatever way you can, just do it. Some will sweat it out. A walk, a hike, running or golf. Some will do it with water, just that. Others, through food. Some say massages help, ventosa gets it out they say, a foot reflexology too, the massage and aroma oils help, they will also say.

The talk will be everywhere. I will guess the best talk is to everything in moderation. No Juan will contest that talk. But what is moderate to Juan may be in excess or short for another Juan. So what is moderation? I will again listen for “the talks.” In all of this the best way to listen, is to listen to your body and the way it talks to you to detox and that's the best, D' talks.


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