DR. JOY Datu, president of the Love for Life Foundation (LFLF), donated $10,000 for the upkeep of Jesus A. Datu Medical Center (JADMC) in Bacolor town.

The donation was made during the celebration of the 10th year anniversary of the partnership of the Kapampangan Development Foundation (KDF) and the LFLF. The JADMC is the primary vehicle for the KDF to implementing its health program.

KDF is an organization of Kapampangans who live outside the region and yearn to contribute to their province’s social and economic development.

The group boasts of a continuing prosthesis program that gives artificial legs, wheelchairs and medical-surgical missions to Pampanga amputees.

JADMC was built by the family of Jesus A. Datu as a memorial for their father, who wanted his family to build a hospital dedicated to the poor families of Pampanga. Services provided from 2008 to 2011 include 370 prostheses, 399 wheelchairs, 547 cleft-lip or -palate surgeries, 760 cataract surgeries, 263 dental procedures, 50 walkers, 70 crutches, 68 canes, 70 mobile-laboratory tests, and 100 mobile X-rays.

KDF Trustee Sylvia Ordonez said that the KDF has continuously been doing its programs in Pampanga through its JADMC facility.