WHO said patriotism is dead? Netizens were astonished after a photo of a patriotic boy went viral on social media.

The photo was posted on Facebook showing an elementary student, Jerick Caminero, in a plain shirt, shorts and slippers, who stopped and stood tall while singing the national anthem a few steps away from his school in Argao town, southern Cebu.

Glynis Amazona, the woman who took the photo, told SunStar Cebu that she was on her way to a certain hotel for her internship when the bus she rode had to stop when a flag ceremony was about to commence at Bogo Elementary School in Argao.

Amazona saw the kid staring at their direction and looked a bit shy when they stared at him, however, he had a dignified look when singing the national anthem.

That's when Amazona took out her phone and took a snapshot of the kid.

“Di tanan bata in-ana (Not all kids are like that),” Amazona said. “Pila ka steps na lang unta, maabot na siya [said skwelahan] (Just a few more steps and he would reach his school).”

Amazona said that some of the children who were actually in the school and wearing their proper uniforms were taking the flag ceremony lightly, with some frolicking the vicinity.

According to Section 21 of Republic Act 8491 or the Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines, during flag raising ceremonies, all moving vehicles should stop once the first note is heard and everyone should come to attention. All persons present should place their right palms over their chests and sing the national anthem with reverence.

Netizens found a “new inspiration” in Caminero.

“Some heroes don't wear capes. Some simply respect the flag,” a netizen wrote.

Another netizen said, “During the 80s, students and people from all walks of life were so respectful of our flag. Now, it’s seldom to see people even students to see honoring our flag during flag ceremony and flag retreat.” (JGS)