THE March 13 plebiscite on Englis-Banawa’s split from Guadalupe, Cebu City’s biggest and most populous barangay, is not yet final, an elections official said.

It was originally set on Feb. 28 but was moved further, mainly for lack of funds.

So, the road to Englis-Banawa’s barangay-hood isn’t paved with gold?

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Those pushing for the creation of Barangay Englis-Banawa started their campaign in 1987.

Their last hurdle is the plebiscite in which Guadalupe voters simply have to vote “yes” or “no” to the creation of the new barangay.

If the plebiscite pushes through on March 13, their 23-year wait would finally be over.


Cebu City Mayor Tommy Osmeña said he sees “no major problem” in water supply in urban areas as the effects of the El Niño phenomenon started to be felt in the city.

Anyway, people are helping conserve water.

In one bathroom, I have read the sign, “Conserve water. Take a bath with someone you love.”


He criticized those who build homes in upland areas such as Busay where there is no water, and then hit the city for failing to provide them with water.

“Nindot ang lugar, nindot ang view, so motukod sila didto. Human mosyagit sila tagai kog tubig bi. Nganong mohatag kog tubig nga naa may tubig sa ubos,” he said.

“Why don’t they go to a place where there is water?” he said.

Yeah, I wonder why they never thought about that.


Cebu Gov. Gwen Garcia said she is looking for “problem areas” where her brother Byron Garcia is needed.

That could be the problem for “troubleshooters” like Byron.

They’ll end up with nothing to do once they have fixed the problems.


Many have been said about newspaper and TV ads on President Arroyo’s accomplishment as president.

Her critics said the ads were unnecessary and decry it as part of her campaign for a House seat in Pampanga.

Maybe they want the President to keep the people in the dark on what she has done.