ON SATURDAY we learnt that Davao had joined the global "350 Movement", a group campaigning to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the breathable atmosphere to 350 parts per million, doing so by planting trees at the new Tugbok landfill.

Four hundred people turned up, big photo ops, but have you ever heard such nonsense? A city planting trees out in the countryside?

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Remember the Lanang Country Club, an oasis of trees and greenery in the middle of the city, an oasis sucking in carbon dioxide and breathing out oxygen? Did the city lift one tiny finger to prevent it going under hectares of concrete and asphalt?

No sir. We'll just plant some trees up in the mountains instead. One day the city will rue the Country Club's loss.

Councilor Leo Avila, co-chairman of Davao's Task Force on Climate Change said, "This is our signal to the world of what is the stand of Davao City."

It certainly is Councilor; it signals that, as usual, the city is big on cosmetic gestures but has absolutely no resolution to tackle the root causes of all that carbon dioxide -- like the burgeoning and unregulated population of motorcycles pouring out not only dioxides but also killer monoxides.

Plant a tree at Tugbok? What a waste.

On Friday evening, watching news footage of the shooting at Gaisano Mall, I was reminded of the gunfight at the OK corral. There's been any number of filmic versions of that 1800s Western shoot-out (Kevin Costner made one lasting about four hours) and no two have told the same story.

The Gaisano Mall shooting looks like going the same way. We'll never know the truth.

And I liked Saturday's front page photo of Vice Mayor Mangudadtu’s guards being tested for gunshot residue. TV's CSI Las Vegas, for the past two or three seasons, have been using a little sponge doodah, 10 cents for 500 and available on the internet, while our boys are still stuck with piles of soggy cotton wool, paraffin and itchy hands for three days.

Animal smuggling now and I was right! The crew smuggling exotic animals into the country for sale on the black market have been released on a bail of P4000 each.

Can you imagine? What's P4000 to people who at the time of the Denr/NBI raid were holding an estimated P3.2 million's worth of rare animals?

And granted bail? That's the last the courts will see of that crowd. Off to pastures new, a change of name, and back to the same old evil trade.

Brownouts now and -- Hell, the light's gone out.