BYRON Garcia was like a “yaya” of a child who grew up and now no longer needs such close supervision.

Thus, Capitol consultant on information and revenue generation Rory Jon Sepulveda described how Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia let go of her brother Byron, Capitol consultant on security, as overseer of both the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) and the Cebu South Bus Terminal (CSBT).

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Sepulveda explained that CPDRC was really Byron’s baby and that he was responsible for the worldwide fame of the facility through web videos of the dancing inmates.

“He (Byron) was asked to handle direct operations of the CPDRC because it was not an ordinary situation,” said Sepulveda.

Sepulveda admitted there was no resistance from Byron although he was very “attached” to the CPDRC.

“But he cannot be hired as a warden,” he added.

When inmates were transferred to the new CPDRC in Barangay Kalunasan from the Old CPDRC building on M.J. Cuenco Ave. during Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia’s first term as governor, the inmates held a strike.

Both Sepulveda and the governor acknowledged the efforts of Byron.

The main reason for the change, said Sepulveda, is so that organic provincial employees can handle the operations of both the CPDRC and CSBT.

CPDRC Warden Lito Gabuya now heads the facility while Carmen Quijano of the Office of the Provincial Treasurer will head the CSBT.

“The duties were downloaded to regular officials. We are just consultants,” said Sepulveda.

The employees have to be trained because consultants won’t be there all the time as they are coterminous with the governor who is on her second term.

Sepulveda denied there was jealousy or money problems involved in the clipping of Byron’s powers.

With Byron getting worldwide recognition, rumors surfaced that the governor was jealous of her brother and ordered that all CPDRC activities should be coursed through her office.

Sepulveda said this insinuation is just fit for “gossip and tabloids.”

Another insinuation is that the donations for the dancing inmates were not properly accounted for, hence, Byron was removed as head of CPDRC.

Sepulveda said they had to inquire from Michael Jackson’s choreographer Travis Payne if his camp donated funds to the dancing inmates but Payne said his group just gave away t-shirts and shoes.

So there was nothing to look into, he said.

However, the governor ordered that a trust fund be set up so that all donations will be deposited there and will be properly receipted. (JGA)