SICK doctors. No, not that they are physically ill but another form of sickness had stricken some duck-tors. (doctors who duck from their own patients). The illness? That feel-big syndrome or that patients-can-wait-for-me mentality.

Goodness. Some doctors who have schedules posted on their clinic doors as big as billboards at NLEX could just ignore what they announce. One doctor, for example, would come at around 11 in the morning when his/her clinic schedule on the door reads “9:00 AM to 12:00 NOON”.

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Of course the lame excuse by the secretary would have to be “doc is operating on someone and he/she could not be reached.”

That’s not the worst part yet. You wait for hours upon hours and when your name is finally called, the doctor is in a hurry and you will be seen only for about five minutes. That’s all he has for you as he has to see the rest of the waiting patients.


Other doctors simply overstretch themselves by taking in so many patients in half day schedule.

One specialist in Angeles City area is said to have his patient line coming out of the hospital to the streets.

“Ay naku, kung gusto mong matingnan dyan ng madalian, magpa-admit ka na muna” often is the advice of fellow doctors about seeing this expert.

If you are a heart patient, better not succumb to cardiac arrest while being stressed out waiting for these kind of doctors.

I came to a doctor one time and arrived at 9 AM. I just could not believe that as early as that, the doctor has already about 30 patients listed to be seen by him.

I registered as patient 31. Did the doctor ever get to see me? Yes, but only after going to two shopping malls and a lunch with my family. Did the doctor ever get to have his lunch? He was eating a sandwich and sipping a soda while talking to me.


Other doctors simply don’t value the supposed “friendship” a patient and his/her family thought had developed through years and years of consultation.

What made me say that?

One doctor has had the dad and mom and even some of the siblings as his patients for many years. When asked if he could give them his cellphone number during a serious illness of a family member, the doctor refused. Privacy he claims to be his reason.

What about patronage and loyalty? Does this doctor ever get to value that?


Now, here’s another sickness I hate among doctors. It’s about asking for discounts.

Some doctors tend to overcharge their own rate for their professional fees (PF). Example: A PF during hospitalization would be deliberately charged at P10,600. A family who is in dire situation would naturally ask for discount of which the P600.00 would be reduced from the PF.

Thanks but no thanks. That, in the first place was an intentional collection of P10,000 pay (regardless whether net or gross). You thought you earned P600 discount?

Nope, may utang na loob pa kayo sa doktor.

Discouraging. Disappointing. Frustrating. Doctors who are like those I mentioned above should rethink of how they are treating their patients. The reason why patients come to see doctors is for them to be well. But if they get stressed out waiting and even being shabbily treated, I don’t think they could get well at all.


Talk about doctors, I have few of my own. But they are not sick. I thought this is an opportune time for me to say thanks for their help through the years.

First on the list of course is my long-time (25 years at that) ophthalmologist Dr. Carlomagno Torres. Dr. Torres does not only have that low calming baritone voice but also masterful strokes in eye surgery and routine check-ups.

My gastroenterologist Dr. Agusto Galang, whom I always called “my favorite” as he would always answer my calls and text messages. Dr. Galang had performed endoscopy and colonoscopy on me more than once at alam na niya ang saloobin ko, hehe.

Other doctors who has seen me and given soothing advice and recommendations include Dr. Alfred Punsalan (Internist), Dr. Dexter Grino (urologist) and Drs. Raoul Henson and Andrew Angeles – two ophthalmologist who, just like Dr. Torres, I find to be efficient and competent.

Also included in good doctors the family has had is Dra. Diana Obrique that charming pediatrician who had seen my two kids since the 1990s.

Oh yes, not to forget our company physician Dr. Menchie Dobles, who has always been so nice and re-assuring with her assessments and diagnosis.