THE successful rescue of Filipino-Chinese businessman Ricardo Lu and his family is a classic example of a quick thinking house help and equally swift police response.

Lu was about to drive his children to school when three armed men accosted him and tied them up. The motive was, evidently, to ask for ransom from Lu’s family. The Lu house helped saw the incident and immediately called police about the alleged kidnapping.

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In turn police instantly set up a checkpoint along the escape route to thwart the kidnapping before the suspects could bring the Lus to their lair deeper into the mountains of the Cordillera.

Quick thinking, quick response, instant solution. And to top it all off no one was injured during the hour and ten minutes the Lus were in the hands of their kidnappers.

Isn’t what our men in blue have been asking the community for the longest time? Report crimes immediately, so they can straight away come up with solutions, the police have been asking all of us. This blotched kidnapping just goes to show, police were right making in this request from the community.

Kudos goes to the entire Benguet police force for a job done well, especially to Benguet police Director Wilben Mayor.

Although mayor described the suspects to be “small time” gangsters, it must also be noted that kidnappings become very common whenever the elections, especially of the national kind, is just around the proverbial corner.

Regardless whether political machinery was bankrolling the kidnap attempt or not, our communities must continue to be vigilant against lawless elements like Lu’s suspected kidnappers. And report such crimes to police as soon as they occur. In this way, the crime could be readily solved and lives saved.

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