Z Gorres will resume his rehabilitation within the week at the Perpetual Succour Hospital after a few days’ rest in his home in Mandaue City.

Gorres arrived in Cebu last Tuesday after more than three months recuperating in Las Vegas.

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“Z needs to rest a bit because he still has jetlag,” ALA promotions president Michael Aldeguer told Sun.Star Cebu in an interview.

Aldeguer and Dr. Benito Calderon, Gorres’ doctor, met with physician Dr. Ruel Dejano and two physical therapists in a dinner last night to coordinate with them and discuss the final preparations for Gorres’ rehabilitation.

Calderon, who will be leaving for the US along with his wife Sophia soon, will also visit the rehabilitation center of the Perpetual Succour Hospital today to check if the facilities are sufficient.

Gorres, 27, still has limited movement on his left side due to the trauma on the right side of his brain.

The ALA Gym star, who is a father of four, suffered a subdural hematoma after being hit by a vicious left straight to the head by Luis Melendez on Nov. 13, 2009 in Las Vegas.

According to Dr. Calderon, Gorres has shown remarkable improvement in his condition.

Gorres can now use his left hand and walk by himself with the aid of a walker.

“He was better yesterday (Tuesday) since he was able to get in the car, but with help. He has shown huge improvement, maybe because he saw his kids,” said Aldeguer.

Despite being discharged from the hospital in Las Vegas, Gorres still has a pending bill of around $562,000.

The website www.zgorres.info was put up to help raise funds to pay for the outstanding bill.