CONGRESSIONAL candidate Ricardo “Cano” Tan, former director of the Land Transportation Office at the National Capital Region (LTO-NCR), has been linked to drug business.

Documents that were circulated to the media categorically pointed at Tan’s involvement to drugs businessmen and his affiliation with big Chinese business groups illegally operating in Mindanao.

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Tan, however, denied the allegations, saying the issue was “fabricated”.

He said he and her wife Nita Tan struggled and worked hard to give a better future for their son.

He said he and his family were hurt so much about the issue and that he would file a case against the person or individuals who falsely accused him.

“I was never involved in illegal drug business,” Tan emphasized.

Tan’s name had been cleared already by Bacolod City Police Director Superintendent Celestino Guara, National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)-Bacolod Head Mamerto Cortez and Negros Occidental Provincial Police Director Manuel Felix of his alleged involvement in the drug business.

The top police authorities also declared that Tan never appeared in the “Order of Battle” or in any Drugs Watchlist of their respective agencies, including the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA).

Certifications and clearances were also issued to Tan by these agencies, including the PDEA.

“Those irresponsible people doesn’t have the heart and the conscience and does everything to pin me down to the advantage of their client because I have been leading in all the surveys,” said Tan. (Teresa Ellera-Dulla)