THE Employees’ Day of Negros Occidental provincial government workers will push through despite the refusal of Provincial Accountant Merly Fortu to release the funding requested by the Progressive Alliance of Capitol Employees (Pace).

Pace decided to allocate its own fund for the event, its president Renelo Lastierre said.

This came after the Civil Service Commission (CSC) field office in the province forwarded Fortu’s objection to its central office in Manila.

Lastierre said the union expects it will take quite a long time for the CSC to decide on the matter.

Once the CSC releases its decision, the union will then file appropriate administrative charges against Fortu, he added.

Lastierre said he considers this problem of the union crucial because Fortu’s stand could mean that the provincial government may no longer accept solicitations from Pace.

Fortu wrote Lastierre on March 23 telling him that Pace’s request for a P100,000 financial assistance for its Employees’ Day was rejected.

She cited Section 6 of Executive Order 180 that said, “Government authorities shall not interfere in the establishment, functioning or administration of government employees’ organizations through acts designed to place such organizations under the control of government authority.”

If it funds the workers’ union’s activity, it would appear that the Capitol interferes with the affairs of the group, Fortu said.

The Employees’ Day will be held on April 17 as part of the week-long Panaad Festival celebration from April 13 to 19.