WHEN it comes to business enterprises, people look those young professionals as inexperienced. The young ones, they say, don't have the wisdom which the old folks have. But such is not the case always.

In fact, being young and innocent is more advantageous than the old and veteran. As award-winning writer Pearl S. Buck once pointed out, "The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible and achieve it, generation after generation."

That's true. Such is the case of Noel B. Martin who, at the age of 23, is perhaps the youngest general manager (GM) of beach resorts on Island Garden City of Samal.

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"I think I'm the youngest manager in the island since I've met already almost all the beach resort GM's here in Samal," he bared.

Martin adds that he feels humbled and honored to be the youngest manager as "I considered it an achievement. At this age, I am already managing a big resort like this," he said. "Some people are amazed on how I handle problems, situations, and the like. In fact, when I joined this company, I was the youngest, too."

The big resort and the company he is referring to is the Bluejaz Resort and Waterpark, a first-class beach resort that offers guests a very tranquil, relaxing, and enjoyable stay.

Located in Barangay Caliclic in Babak, the resort also boasts a lineup of international cuisine as well as world class accommodation in its own style cottages. Although it only started its operation in the summer of 2008, Bluejaz is now one of the top resort destinations of people from Davao City and neighboring provinces.

Martin never thought of becoming a general manager of a well-known resort. He was recommended by the university from where he graduated for a position as food and beverage manager. The owner, Richard Middleton, an American airline pilot who married a Filipina, personally called Martin for an interview.

Middleton thought he was interviewing someone who is in his thirties. "He was shocked when he saw me because I was too young," Martin recalled. The owner contemplated of making him as assistant food and beverage manager.

During the course of the interview, Middleton saw the capacity and potentials of Noel, so he hired him as the food and beverage manager.

But after a week, the wife of Middleton, Jazmin (from which half of the name of the resort was taken; the blue was from the airline company Blue Jet where Middleton is working) offered Noel to become her assistant GM. Last November, he was finally given to be the head in running the resort.

"Currently, I am working hand in hand with our board of directors in executing all our plans for the resort," Martin said. "We want to make sure that we will be more advanced compared with those resorts in Samal and in Davao as well."

Martin added: "For me, Bluejaz is far better than with the other resorts here in the island."

He is determined that the resort will not be more advanced in facilities and amenities but also other services that it offers.

Determination is one of the fine qualities that Martin has as a leader. "Some people told me way back when I was in college that I was really born to be a leader," he said. "But honestly speaking, I just enhanced my leadership skills when I was in college. What really helped me in discovering my skills was when I was being trained and employed by Jollibee."

In fact, Martin believes that when he was interviewed by Middleton as food and beverage manager, his past employment in Jollibee as crew leader and assistant training in-charge helped him to pass the said interview.

Another quality that Martin possesses is his being a hard worker. In fact, he was a working student at the University of Mindanao for four years in order for him to finish BS Hotel and Restaurant Management course in 2008. "Being a self supporting student is not easy," he admitted.

To think of, Martin juggled his schedules with work, studies, and extra-curricular activities. "I managed to work while studying. Also, I was a member of a church ministry group and I involved myself in event organizing outside school. But what made my work harder was my big responsibility in Jollibee as marketing head in a local store. Pressures always pushed me to think for ideas on how will I become productive on my job. Even now, I still can’t imagine how I passed through those challenges I faced when I was still in college."

Martin gives credit to that Someone Up There for taking care of him during those struggling years. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me," he said, quoting the Bible. "And dream your dreams. I believe that with prayer and determination, I can achieve all my goals in life."

And those, also, are his motivating factors.

Aside of God, his parents also play a significant role in his life."My parents always supported me to achieve my dreams," he said.

Not to mention, Mary Margaret Yu, his future wife. "She is always there for me through hard times and good times. She always encourages whenever I feel down," he said.

Now, going back to age, he has these words: "For me, age doesn’t matter when it comes to work and achievement. Everyone, young or old, can achieve whatever he or she wants and dreams."