PORT Restaurant looks back 17 years to its culinary journey which started in 1998 as Port Seafood Restaurant. Back then, the restaurant offered fine dining service ala carte, with a great choice of seafood and shellfish.

In 2006, when Edward and Eleanor Hayco took over the business, it started to offer all-day buffet dining service, and it became one of the busiest buffet restaurants in Cebu City. In 2007, the Haycos changed the name of the restaurant to simply Port Restaurant, which in 2012, started to celebrate the cuisine of a selected country each month.

To celebrate its 17 years of existence, Port Restaurant conducted a poll for its customers asking their top favorites. The results: Dilis in teriyaki sauce, green mango salad, seaweed salad, sizzling bangus ala pobre, pork humba with egg, clams in ginger sauce, cheesy baked oysters, lechon kawali, deep fried crablets, crab with jackfruit, krispy kangkong, drunkin shrimp, pizza ala port and lechon (served only during dinner). For desserts: buko pandan, munchkin truffles, soft-serve ice cream, biko with latik. There is also the popular pasta station featuring three choices of pasta, fusilli, penne and linguini, and three choices of sauces bolognese, carbonara and pesto.

All of these dishes will be among the food choices in the Port buffet menu throughout the year.

As a new twist, Port will be introducing the roast lamb shank with mint jelly this July 15-31, as a chef goes around to present the lamb in a triton together with roasted potatoes and carrots, as well as grilled corn, to be served tableside. This will give guests the opportunity to comment on the dish (or other dishes) directly to the chef.

And from restaurant’s operations manager, Evangeline Hayco, comes this special treat for patrons: On Mondays. Tuesdays and Wednesdays from July 15 to 31, the restaurant will have a special promo. A pair may get to dine and while the first diner is charged full price, the second diner gets to be charged only P17.

This is management’s way of “giving back” for the success of their venture, which was likewise selected as Best Buffet in Sun Star’s Best of Cebu in 2013 and 2014.