GOODBYE, Brave Heart.

Forever we will heed your call for individuality. This “Alexander” also came, saw and conquered a different field: fashion. To those in the dark, we are talking about the fashion icon, Alexander McQueen.

The passion. That dedication to invent a certain image—out from luxury or even from the garbage bin—just to point to the world the idea of what fashion truly is.

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The inspiration. That natural instinct to share the craft with your colleague. It was not about owning a signature but embarking on a journey together. And thus, your design principles have reached this small island of Cebu. Yes, far and wide was your reach.

The icon. Since you started working as a pattern cutter until you incredibly rose as London’s haute couturier, you were destined to accomplish a great deal of success. Yet again, you surpassed sorrow with creativity.

The memory. Seven days ago, you took your own life. But we will forever remember you as our legendary pillar in the industry. In one with the grieving fashion community, four young Cebuano designers have dedicated their talents in your honor.

Your spot will be sorely missed. Requiescat in pace, Alexander McQueen—rest in peace.

Edward Castro

“He’s the rebel of the runway. He never failed to shock people, but in a good way; a legend in his own right. His clothes were surreal, but at the same time wearable.”

Silhouette: Body-hugging. “It celebrates a woman’s figure.”

Fabric: “I chose snake’s skin and tulle. They’re polar opposites; yet, when combined, they strategically complement one another, like the ‘law’ of hard and soft.”

Color: Black, white

Barbie Alvez

“McQueen was such an inspiration. He really wasn’t your average designer. He was such a genius with the masterpieces he created. He continually inspired with the way he handled, manipulated, and used materials.

“His death was such a tragedy. You can only wish for it to never have happened.”

Silhouette: This dress is made with butterfly sleeves that contrast the edgy hemlines. “Puffy—as I’d like to call it. It’s definitely not your typical cocktail mini: It’s a Valerie Alvez mini.”

Fabric: “This is somehow inspired by his unique use and manipulation of fabrics, such as chiffon, tulle, horsehair and—surprise, surprise—acetate.”

Color: Hot pink

Josefa Dianne Espera for Sepa

“To me, he is a genius; incomparable; unafraid of criticism. An inspiration. His creations challenge us—designers who look up to him—to think beyond what is socially acceptable. I will forever be inspired with how he has made the world stop with his talent.”

Materials: “I made use of a lot of chains, particularly those masculine-looking chains, combined with crystals, hints of floral, hints of Goth (which are the roots of McQueen), and hints of luxury.”

Color: Plum, berry red, turquoise

Harvey Cenit

“McQueen is such a great artist, and I think being a true artist made him a good designer. He didn’t care if someone would buy his work as long as he can express his ideas, and not being inside the box.

“He considered fashion a world of art; a very talented individual. His works were very original and unique. He’s a huge creative genius, the designer of our generation, and (he is) completely irreplaceable.”

Silhouette: Kaftan

Fabric: Chiffon with jersey lining

Color: Black, and air-brushed tiger’s face