AFTER imposing a double coding policy on La Trinidad jeepneys, Baguio City government will impose the same vehicle reduction scheme on Aurora Hill and Trancoville jeepneys.

The two jeepney associations have long been the subject of complaints from commuters, motorists, and fellow drivers.

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Aurora Hill and Trancoville jeepneys are reported to be lording on Baguio’s streets by loading and unloading passengers anywhere they please. Recently, their associations have also been the subject of complaints by southbound jeepneys.

In the implementation of Governor Pack-UP Drive traffic scheme, Aurora Hill and Trancoville drivers have been accused of “stealing” passengers that were supposed to be ferried by Military Cut-off and PNR drivers.

The decision to impose the same policy is to show to La Trinidad commuters and drivers that erring jeepney associations within Baguio’s jurisdiction are also being dealt with.

“We want to show them we are fair,” Mayor Reinaldo Bautista Jr. said.

Bautista maintained that the double coding imposed on La Trinidad jeepneys that enter Baguio City greatly contributed to the unclogging of streets, especially Magsaysay Avenue.

Concrete barriers have recently been placed along Magsaysay Avenue at the Baguio Central University area to separate La Trinidad and Baguio jeepneys.

As adjustment, the City Government allowed loading and unloading, one trip policy at the Tabora Park.

However, the mayor lamented that the pick-and-go policy is still violated by La Trinidad jeepneys.

Bautista, meanwhile, said allowing the entry of jeeps via Bokawkan Road is no longer possible.

He said there is an ordinance that bars the entry of jeeps through Bokawkan Road, adding that only an amendment to the ordinance could make the entry of jeeps along the route possible.