RECENT events have caused the Jaycees much publicity, thus we, the Board of Officers of the 2010 JCI Angeles City Culiat, would like to clarify and enlighten the good people of Angeles City about what the Jaycees is all about.  

We, the JCI Angeles City "Culiat" or better known as the Jaycees belongs to a world wide leadership training organization, with young professionals as our members who are between the ages of 21 - 40 years old. Our mission is to provide development opportunities to young people to create positive change.  Our organization operates on the premise that the development of individual character will result in better communities and will eventually result in world peace. We, the Jaycees believe that "The brotherhood of men transcends the sovereignty of nations" and "That government should be of laws rather than of men". This is our creed, to which to us is sacrosanct.

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The JCI Angeles City “Culiat” has been spearheading projects like the Alay Skills, Sagip Bicol, Sagip Ondoy and Pepeng, medical missions, and all our other community projects in the past 58 years that we have been in existence. Our bond as a group is based on what good we can do for the community at large. We are open to all who would seek membership with us, regardless of station in life, race, political affiliation or religion. Even with this diversity, the Jaycees get along well and still remain a non-political, non – partisan and non-sectarian organization.

To reiterate, we are a non-political organization. We do not involve ourselves as an organization in politics. Some of our members are scions of the province’s top political families, yet we as an organization will never take sides. We therefore do not understand why our organization’s name was tagged in issues concerning another organization’s candidates’ debate.

Let it be known that in the past years, the Jaycees have conducted candidates’ fora. The objective of this is for the people of Angeles to get to know their candidates better and not done to support or dishonor any one politician.  At this point the JCI Angeles City “Culiat” have not formally announced to conduct any candidate’s forum to be held this year.  However, should there be any plans for this, the invitations and mechanics of the forum shall be officially released well in advance to show our transparency and respect for all candidates to be invited.

We therefore would like to assure the public that the Jaycees, specifically the JCI Angeles City “Culiat” will continue its service to the community. We will do so unburdened by politicking and taking political sides of whatever color. We are first and foremost leaders in the making, we are clear sighted in our path and end, and we will attain this with open hearts and of clear conscience. That we are fair to everyone we meet along the way towards our future in Angeles City.

2010 Board of Directors

JCI Angeles City “Culiat”