REPUBLIC Act No. 7722 (Higher Education Act of 1994) gave priorities and importance to undergraduate teachers in the country to keep pace with the demand of global competitiveness. Responding to the battle cry of our education sector that children who got less food on their plates will benefit most on the basic skills and intelligence schools can provide.

Pre-service teachers are required to complete 63 units (CHED Memorandum No. 59, 1996) in general education courses for both students taking up Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED) and Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSED); for professional education courses students in BEED need to complete 54 units for BSED students. To complete their educational curriculum they need 6 units more for student teaching. This will all total to 180 units.

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Will an education course student become a highly competitive and efficient one having these numbers of units? Definitely yes! This is to prepare our future classroom managers to the tasks and responsibilities of mastering professional education theories, contents, of their field of specialization; specializing on several teaching methodologies, techniques and principles of education and all these undertakings are trying to mold professional teachers responding to the calls of teaching as a noble profession and life fulfilling mission!

All efforts to improve the quality of Philippine education defends on the teachers quality of service he renders and how prepared they are to undertake the demanding tasks of educating and nurturing the youths. All dreams of achieving a developed and progressive country lies on the kind of teachers who will be left alone in the classrooms with their pupils(teachers are great models for their students) in turn will be developed into future citizens of the country and will someday handle the affairs of the state. I firmly believed that a well-trained and competent instructional leader, is the major KEY for national prosperity and a God-centered nation.

Our future educators should be scholarly competent, they are also to focus their goals and minds on the improvement and excellence of their self personally and professionally guided by strong Filipino values, patriotism, God fearing and totally committed to the ideals that children going to school should be treated with genuine care and affection especially the group of learners who are the least, the last and the lost.

Rodolfo Sibug Jr.

Head Teacher I

Cuayan Bugtong Elementary School

Candaba East District