IT’S probably easier to run for public office than to get a government ID.

A Facebook friend lamented how it took ages for her to get her passport despite having presented government-issued IDs. She still needed to present other documents to prove her identity.

After a couple of tries and getting another set of documents, she finally was able to get her passport. This, after a couple of intense rounds of processing.

A meme has been making rounds on the internet that it was easier to become a senator than to get your passport, NBI clearance or driver’s license. Which was kind of true—it’s a herculean task to get any of them. If your name popped in the system—the curse of having a popular name or due to legit legal concerns—it is just a whole new level of difficult.

Then you have people running for public office, some of whom have pending legal cases up their butts. But apparently, despite the serious issues that come with their names, they’re still allowed to run. Here they are, running for public office—again—and potentially screwing us over—again.

Never mind if some of them allegedly dipped their hands into our coffers or processed some shady dealings. We don’t need to investigate further—please, go ahead, run for office.

As our social media feeds get bombarded with political ads and our neighborhoods get littered with colorful streamers, posters and flyers, it’s time for us to be more critical when we vote in May.

An interview with a couple of ladies posted online showed them giggling when asked why they would vote for a certain politician despite the plunder issue against him.

“Ang gwapo kasi (He’s handsome),” one replied, giggling.

Ah, being gwapo and gwapa—I guess that makes us weak in the knees. Yikes.

Never mind the issues then—let’s go with looks. Sigh.

I lost the memo when politics became all about looks and charm. So much for competence and character.

As we vote, let’s think critically. Do your own research (from reliable sources, please).

Do they deserve my vote? What have they done? What’s their track record? Are they facing issues? What do they stand for?

The elections are easily a popularity contest with any of them trying to affiliate themselves with the most popular kid in the schoolyard.

But putting looks, charm, money, and popularity aside —which of those running best represent you?

Which of them do you think can best help you and your community?

Discern wisely.