AGE is not a barrier in running a business. Anybody can be an entrepreneur for as long as he puts his heart and mind into it.

This is what Rizah Mae Andrade, 20 years old, shared during the opening of Info Horizons, her own call center business in Mantuyong, Mandaue City.

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Andrade, who had worked as a call center agent, single-handedly runs the business that employs 30.

“I’m young but I am already into running a business because this is my share in helping the people in our community get employed and earn money,” she said.

Info Horizons is a call center business that handles residential and government accounts such as insulations, janitorial, electrical and automotive services to countries in Australia, United States and Canada.

The business was put up through the help of an Australian investor, said Gary Sherwell, a close family friend of Andrade.

He said they have invested about P500,000 in Info Horizons.

“Having worked in a call center, I would like to share my knowledge and expertise to my people,” Andrade said.

She said she even conducts trainings on speech communication and account handling to her employees.

“It’s not an easy job but you also have to work hard for your people. You have to help them get better each day,” she said.

Since they cater to three markets that are in different time zones, the employees work in shifts.

Regular employees can earn P500 a day while those on probation earn P300 a day.

In her quest to help people land a job, Andrade said she is not even particular on educational attainment.

“For as long as he is trainable and is hard working then he is welcome in my company,” she said.

Since business process outsourcing is popular in the Philippines, she plans to expand her agency by buying five computers every month so she can hire 10 employees every month.

“It doesn’t mean that you’re young you can do nothing. You can be an entrepreneur if you want to,” Andrade said.