THIS is a sort of sounding out my sentiments to all my fellow voters this coming elections and I hope to carry my message well. Election is supposed to be the time of separating the weeds from the wheat, the good and the bad, the capable and inept.

With the propaganda and publicities being released in the media nowadays, many of us are constantly bombarded and smothered with achievements and credentials of the candidates. Some projected themselves as the person who can lift this country from the quagmire of decadence. Sadly, the more they project themselves and present their so-so achievements and credentials, the more they make a fool of themselves because it is not seen and felt by the general populace.

Their behavior tends to be in the borderline of messianic complex. If the candidates truly deserved to be elected, I think they do not need any publicity or surveys for the general public to be swayed in their favor. A truly deserving candidate is a person of integrity, just, humble, altruistic and sensitive to the common good of the citizenry.

For a reelectionist, the candidate does not need any surveys or publicities to make known the achievements, because if the candidate does the mandate and makes the projects as promised, these things are themselves the publicities. A confident candidate would not spend millions of pesos just to make oneself known.

For a first timer, let the public know your true intentions and take an oath before God and man that what you’re saying is honest and good.

Lots of money is indeed like grease for well oiled political machinery. With the sentiments of the voting public, may we ask where you get the money? Donations? Contributions? Pork Barrels? Tax payers? Wherever you got this, would it not be appropriate if you use the money for tangible and beneficial projects instead of flyers, pocket calendars, surveys, radio and TV ads? Why not use the money to fund more and better projects for the people, and consequently, make it look like a contest among the candidates themselves? Except those running independently, others have political parties with campaign chests, right? Please don’t lie on your forked tongue that you don’t have ‘coz people are smarter nowadays.

Even surveys are compromised already because it is being paid by somebody with political affiliation. You are making the survey firms richer, ladies and gentlemen, while the ordinary people continue to struggle to eke out a living.

To my fellow voters, now is payback time. If we want our children to live happy, peaceful and contented lives in the future, choose well the candidates whom you see fit to serve. Please don’t be swayed by your sentiments of their theatrics, you must not have a knee-jerk reaction. Give ample time to reflect and pray to God to make the right choice, for which we choose could either give us a time of prosperity or despondency. Think which candidate will your child and the younger generation look up to and emulate. Think which candidate will deliver the goods not only at this time, but that their actions and performances will echo throughout the future generations.

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