LA PRESIDENTA Myra Gonzalez of Amigos de España (Cebu) was her usual elegant and poised pretty self, as she welcomed members and guests to the regular lunch meeting of the group at Casino Español de Cebu.

Myra and her efficient co-members toiled hard and long to realize the impressive attendance at the gathering. The four round tables of the function room were appropriately dressed with a colorful floral arrangement that matched the sumptuous buffet spread and desserts for which, Casino general manager May Ocaba received the highest of praises!

Ah, but there were more surprises in store for the damas y caballeros: A full-length Spanish film (pelicula), entitled “Ocho Apellidos Vascas” was presented that resulted in peals of laughter from the audience. Such excellent performers!

As we close, we’d like to wish Myra and son Bernie, a safe and “muy alegre” vacation in Spain. Vaya con Dios, mi Amiga!