WE SEE the New Year as another phase in our existence. It may just be numbers but it does count the days we have lived on this planet. The "how long" does not really matter, the "how" does.

Every 365 days, we make our own written or mental list on what we want changed or enhanced to alleviate our life. That of course is accompanied with prayers, a little divine intervention can somehow guarantee achievement.

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But we all know that "nasa tao ang gawa" is still the main ingredient to complete the recipe of success. Lady luck plays her part as well but in truth, there is nothing impossible in this world if we put our minds, soul, sweat and an occasional teardrop on a task that we wish to be done.

We Pinoys, well the rest of the world's population does as well, get to have two chances in a year. Yes, a couple of new year celebrations pretty close to each other- the regular welcoming based on the Gregorian calendar and the Eastern festivity of the Lunar New Year aka the Chinese New Year. That's twice the fun and twice the celebration.

But not everyone celebrates the Lunar New Year though. A good number of the Pinoys do maybe because of the strong influence and solid presence of the Chinese in our country. Plus, we are strong believers of the feng shui, the order of things that will bring us the luck we need.

And then there is the New Year's Resolution. We were brought up to make list of what we should improve in ourselves- exercise more, lose weight, quit smoking, get that million. But how much of the entries on that list do we really pursue? I commend those who have x-ed an item. That can start a habit of "if there is a will, there is a way" because you somehow proven to yourself that you can do it.

If within the first few weeks of the new year you have come into the obstacles and somehow lost faith that you can do it, worry not, there is another chance- the Chinese New Year- when you can re-affirm your devotion to changing for the better and even add a few more items should you wish to achieve your own perfection for the year. Of course, to bag the best of luck, guidance from the stars can sometimes help and popping a few crackers can rid of the bad luck.

Like I said, it is guidance. Nothing beats surrounding yourself with the positive aura, keeping it and passing it on to everyone. Or praying to the higher being for enlightenment. And as said earlier, we should be doing all the actions.

Welcoming the New Year with positivity is always best. And who better to spend it with and share all the blessings than surrounding yourself with your loved ones, family and friends, bubbling champagne, great home-cooked food and tons of laughter, well wishes and good vibes.

Wherever you are and whoever you are with, the new year cheers give us this feeling that we are truly blessed to be with the people who are important to us and the chance to see another year's sunrise. That gives us hope that we can and will change to someone better.