TAKE a bath, especially at night, for hydration during the coming hot and dry season.


During Kapihan sa Philippine Information Agency (PIA) media forum, Doctor Carlos Pacheco advised that regular bathing, in the morning and at night will aid in maintaining good hygiene and health.

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"Mas mabuti yung frequent na paliligo sa gabi dahil (It is better to have frequents baths because) it is to cleanse the body after being exposed during the day. The belief na mali yung paliligo sa gabi (that it is wrong to take a bath at night), that it causes yung 'pasmo' is wrong.  How come yung mga basketball players, they take a bath after the first half, it is to cool down their bodies," Dr. Carlos Pacheco said.


"Ang paliligo sa gabi, paglinis ng katawan. And pagligo sa umaga pampapresko na lang iyon," Pacheco said.


Pacheco said drinking water would also do a lot in keeping down the body's temperature to avoid heatstroke.


"During the hot season pwedeng makaroon ng heatstroke. So it's good to keep hydrated and hindi masyadong magtagal sa matinding init," Pacheco said.


Pacheco added people should have a precaution to sicknesses or skin ailments that proliferate under heat such as fungus infection.