2019 March 23 Saturday: University of Baguio (UB) holds a “tayaw” (Cordillera Dance) for former Baguio City mayor Peter Rey Bautista & Team Baguio!

Members of the UB Dance Troupe danced to the beat of gongs in the event celebrating the candidacy of former Baguio City mayor Peter Rey Bautista for congressman, Lone District – Baguio City.

Bautista – the youngest mayor that Baguio City ever had – belongs to the Bautista clan that owns the University of Baguio.

Gracing the event were his mom, concert pianist Debbie Bautista, and his dad Reynaldo Bautista Sr. – former president of UB and the country’s organization of university presidents.

Two native black pigs – one of them an albino – were butchered and cooked for the “tayaw” – with former Punong Barangay Olsim serving as the “mambunong” (prophesying priest) – foretelling the future by reading and interpreting the pigs’ entrails.

Team Baguio:

For Congressman: Former mayor Peter Rey Bautista (Educator/Publisher - SunStar Baguio);

For Mayor: Former vice mayor mining engineer Antonio “Tony Boy” Tabora (Businessman/Sportsman/Operations Consultant - Cagayan Export Processing Zone); &

For Vice Mayor: Councilor Peter C. Fianza (Lawyer).

For Councilors:

A: Alambra, Aurora (Journalist/Editor/Educator/Public Information Officer of the United Nations – Afghanistan & Iraq);

B: Bagbagen, Fred (Lawyer & Former Councilor); &

C: Coteng, Robin (Former San Vicente Punong Barangay).

Bautista-Tabora-Fianza Inter-Barangay Darts Tournament!

2019 March 24 - May 10: Bautista-Tabora-Fianza Inter-Barangay Darts

Tournament: Team Baguio “Maintaining a Drug-Free Baguio”!

Open for registration: P100,000 guaranteed prizes!

Registration fee: P1,000 per 4-man team.

Playing days: Sundays & Wednesdays.

Time: Game Time: 7pm; & Defaulting Time: 7:31 p.m.

For interested Darts Teams: Please submit your entries to Cordillera Lady Darters Club.

HQ/Venue: Pinworkx Mabini.

See you there!

Irisan Basketball League!

2019 March 2: Opening of the Barangay Irisan Basketball League 2019: Team Baguio is sponsoring the sports competition that will play through the summer.

Team Baguio – led by sportsman Antonio ‘Tony Boy’ Tabora – was there with the officials and leaders of Barangay Irisan for the tossing of the ball that kicked off the first game of the intra-barangay basketball competition in Baguio City’s biggest barangay (village).

Empowered women empowering women!

2019 March 16 Saturday: Junior Chamber International (JCI) conducts “Women Speed Mentoring”!

I am so honored to have been one of the first batch of mentors!

Grateful for the invitation, JCI Baguio Sunflower - JCI Philippines!

And many thanks to the co-organizers for holding this first-ever women speed mentoring event: JCI Baguio Sunflower ~ Global Leadership of Active Citizens ~ JCI Siklab Presidents 2019 ~ JCI Be A Catalyst of Change!

The goal of the speed mentoring event for women?

“To provide a supportive platform for women in Baguio by engaging in one-on-one interactions with mentors through a series of focused conversations about career related issues...

“The mentor-mentee conversation is intended to provide advice on a wide range of topics that will be helpful to women who are looking for answers and insights to the career-related questions and challenges they are facing...” – JCI Baguio Sunflower (facilitator).

VENUE: Department of Education Division Office, Baguio City, Philippines.