BREE Esplanada presents his own modern take on bridal gowns while giving a nod to the past. Made with touches of tulle, brocade, wool and French laces, his first-ever bridal collection is inspired by the Pagan harvest festival and, at the same time, provides a look back on the Edwardian era—a period that the Cebuano fashion designer is rather fond of.

“I want my designs to be known as romantic, exciting and rebellious,” he shared, adding that the process begins with sketching to pattern construction.

The look of the bridal gown has undoubtedly changed over the years, varying in different silhouettes. Every now and then, bridal pieces are unveiled with touches inspired from classic designs fused with present-day touches. Such is the case of Bree’s collection.

“It’s a mix of bridal gowns with pieces that a bride wouldn’t normally wear on her wedding day like a sheer top, a crop top, coat and pants,” said Bree.

Though it was made for the modern-day bride, he imagines the woman wearing this dress to still feel that sense of old romance.

“This is for someone who likes to wear classic and contemporary pieces; or someone who likes having a picnic and walking in a botanical garden in the Edwardian period,” he described.

From having a casual stroll to a walk down the aisle, Bree presents designs made for occasions: from the grand to the mundane, elegantly timeless.